the earth’s gravity or atmospheric buoyant force ?

As you know, the reason for the presence of objects on the ground and the falling of objects on the ground is gravity. Gravity is a natural phenomenon in which all objects with mass attract each other. The effect of gravity on these bodies, that is, the effect of the attraction of a massed body on another massed body, or in a simpler understanding, each body on another body; And we see it as a weight on us. But if we think about this more closely, we will realize that the reason is Archimedes’ principle. Archimedes’ principle is the main one in physics, which states that the upward buoyant force on an object immersed in a liquid (or gas) is equal to the weight of the amount of liquid displaced by the immersion of the object. To better understand it, pay attention to the following example: For example, if you fill a container with water and throw a stone in it, the weight of the water that comes out of the container is equal to the buoyant force exerted by the stream (water). The object enters. And because the density of all living things is higher than the earth’s atmospheric gases, all objects remain on the earth, and if the object whose density is less than the earth’s atmospheric gases, it goes to the top. Therefore, the earth’s gravity can be changed to atmospheric buoyant force.
what do you think?

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