Build windows software, website, android app

Welcome to my programming room

Hi, I am Mostafa Shiraali Welcome to my programming room. On this web site, I offer you programming services. For more information, please visit this page.
I am fluent in programming languages in the following languages







C / C++


And Many More

Services that I do for you

Build Android app
Build WordPress Plugin
Build MyBB Plugin
Installing a CMS
Repair scripts and web enhancements
Design and build web scripts
Develop extensions and web scripts
Programming templates for content management systems to your taste
Build a variety of desktop applications with C # .net
Applying SEO Elements in the Template and Core of the Site

How to send an order

Telegram : @MostafaShiraali (

Email :

Payment method : PayPal

Some projects done

Site dedicated app
Positioner app
Marketing system for wordpress
Join and log in and out of MySpace and WordPress
Automatically log in and out between two WordPress systems
Repair site system
Synchronization of the plugin with a SMS client
Set up the store and make the required settings
Programming a dedicated menu for the site
Repair Joomla System plug-in problems
Modify the MySQL user group plugin in the Nazem panel
Employee Information System
Mass SMS messaging software
Clinic Acceptance Software